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Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein is one of the oldest European tyre manufacturers, supplying a broad range of tyres across the world. With Traxion+ and TraxionXXL models defining new trends in the agricultural domain, Vredestein is recognised for its high-performing and high-quality tyres. Their quality is underlined by the fact that many international agricultural machinery manufacturers prefer Vredestein tractor tyres as their Original Equipment.

Featured Vredestein tyres available at Terry Elsey are:


TF – 9090

TF-9090 is designed for 2WD tractors utilised in soil tillage applications. It features a strong nylon carcass and a three rib construction that provides excellent handling and performance.

Traxion XXL

Traxion XXL tyres have been developed for high powered tractors, typically above 160 HP. The large volume gives these tyres high load capacity. The unique curved cleat pattern, combined with its compound properties, delivers superior traction and enhances the tyre's durability.



The Traxion+ tyres feature a special cleat design, widely placed in the shoulder area. This design contributes to providing the tyres with self-cleaning property and maximum traction. The extra-large contact patch in the centre of the tread provides comfort and safety at high speeds. It also protects against wear-and-tear thereby increasing the tyre's lifespan.


The Faktor-S are bias-tyres developed especially for light-weight tractors. It possesses a robust nylon carcass and a strong sidewall structure which makes it highly damage resistant, stable, and reliable. The long, wide cleat design allows the tyres to offer a comfortable ride and long service life.


Agrimax RT 657

With low rolling resistance, RT 657 will save you money with improved fuel economy. These tyres offer great driving comfort and are largely used for soil tillage, vineyard harvesting and on-road applications.

Lug Ring

The Lug Ring is a front tyre generally fitted to tractors, and planting and sowing machines. It features a large tread surface and sturdy shoulder bars that protect against puncture damages and ensures long life.



Faktor-F tyres possess a robust nylon carcass that allows the tyres to operate optimally even under peak loads. The tread design, featuring wavy longitudinal grooves, enables the tractors to travel at speeds up to 25 miles/hr. This allows you to experience enhanced farming productivity.

Multi Rill

Multi Rill is an excellent agricultural tyre that protects the soil from damage through its rounded contour design. The wide longitudinal grooves along the tread contribute to providing outstanding stability. Multi Rill tyres are fitted to 2WD tractors and steering axles.


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