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Did you know that one in every 4 tractors across Europe is fitted with Mitas Tyres?

Mitas is a Czech-based company and is considered one of the largest tyre manufacturers and suppliers in Europe. It commenced its tyre manufacturing operation in Prague in the 1930s. It has operations set up in the Czech Republic, Serbia and USA. Mitas provides tyres across Europe through its extensive distribution network that is spread across 14 countries. Apart from tractor tyres, Mitas also manufactures and supplies industrial, motorcycle and other agricultural tyres.

Terry Elsey Tyres has joined hands with Mitas Tyres to provide you with the most excellent Mitas Tractor Tyres that deliver fine performance and durability.

Featured Mitas Tyres available at Terry Elsey Tyres are:

Mitas AC-70 G Tyres

These grassland tyres have wide lug areas that protect the plants and grasses from damage. The wide tread pattern also ensures stable and safe performance on the road.


Mitas AF-01 R-1 Tyres

These are heavy duty tractor tyres that can endure most stringent conditions. This model boasts excellent high-load capacity and durability. Its reinforced construction and tread design make it ideal for use in forestry and heavy agricultural tasks.

Mitas TD-01 R-1 Tyres

TD-01 R-1 is equipped with a tread design along with a durable tread component, which makes it an excellent choice for several industrial and agricultural applications.


Mitas TD-02 R-1 Tyres

A diagonal tractor tyre model that possesses a universal tread pattern, enabling it to provide superior traction on different terrains, and can be used in a vast range of applications.

Mitas SFT (SuperFlexion Tire) Tyres

A radial tractor tyre model designed and developed to be fitted to high-horsepower tractors, i.e., tractors with horsepower higher than 180hp. SFT tyres are ultra-strong and allow low inflation pressure, which enables them to carry heavy loads and deliver higher yields. The larger surface contact patch also offers great stability and traction.


Mitas SST (SilentSpeed Tire) Tyres

The SST tyres are radial tractor tyres that offer a comfortable and quiet road use. The low rolling-resistance of the tyre also provides you with reduced fuel consumption and enhanced durability.

Mitas HC 2000 Tyres

HC 2000 New VF (Very High Flexion) are designed for high-horsepower tractors. These tyres provide outstanding ground protection through its reduced soil compaction feature and possess superior high-load capability.


Mitas TI-20 Tyres

This industrial radial tractor tyre boasts of a unique new tread pattern that offers great traction on muddy terrains and is highly damage resistant.

Mitas Grip'N'Ride (R-4) Tyres

An industrial tractor tyre that can be connected to different types of loaders and is equipped with a reinforced sidewall and self-cleaning property.


Mitas TI-02 (R-4) Tyres

TI-02 industrial diagonal tractor tyre has a tread pattern ideal for use in industries.


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