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Alliance Tyres, established in Israel in 1950, specialises in development and supply of a wide range of tyres across the world. It boasts a presence in over 120 countries with service point set up across 6 continents.

Alliance is highly commended for its Row Crop and Flotation tyres in the UK. These tyres are the preferred choice as an OEM for numerous tyre manufacturers across the world. Its range of agricultural radial tyres has gained significant traction in the agricultural sector in the UK. With an extensive focus on R&D and quality assurance, Alliance tractor tyres meets the international quality standards and deliver high-quality performance on the roads as well as fields.

Featured Alliance Tyres available at Terry Elsey are:


Alliance Farm Pro

The Farm Pro tyre is an agricultural tyre that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride through its multi-angle lug design. The shallow angles at the shoulder section contribute to providing excellent traction. Farm Pro is considered one of the best tyres when it comes to farming operations.

Agrimax Force

The Agrimax Force model tyres are designed to be fitted to high-powered tractors. With these tyres, you are guaranteed a high-quality performance whether you use them on the road or the field. With its flexibility, it allows you to operate without the need to increase inflation pressure.


Alliance Farm Pro 324

Farm Pro 324 provides superior traction on different kinds of terrains, whether it is on-road or off-road, with the help of its 45° curved design. The rubber compound offers resistance to cut growth. Boost your farm productivity with Farm Pro 324 tyres.

Alliance Farm Pro 2

This agricultural radial tyre is a newer model from Alliance. It features reinforced construction and an enhanced cavity with a straight sidewall, which contributes to its improved look and field performance.


Alliance 601

The Alliance Tyres are a highly durable agricultural tyres ideal for heavy-duty tractors. The tyre is formed of strong fabric layers covered by steel belts that protect it against external damages and ensure it offers long service life. The surface pressure distribution is even with a high crown radius. The non-directional tread pattern delivers consistent performance on all kinds of terrains, enhances surface traction, and gives it an effective self-cleaning capability.

Alliance 580

This agro-industrial radial tyre is largely fitted to MPT and industrial tractors. The sturdy steel carcass construction protects it against external damages and provides stability on the sloppy terrains. The tread design offers excellent grip and traction on hard as well as soft surfaces.


Alliance 570

Alliance 570 is a multi-purpose radial tyre fitted to tractors and trucks used in agricultural, industrial and construction services. It is engineered with radial textile-carcass and steel belts.

Alliance 385

The Alliance 385 tyre comes with a lug design and strength perfect for high powered tractors. The rubber compound makes the tyre flexible, and the tread pattern ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.


Alliance 378 Agristar XL

This model of tyres delivers enhanced performance at the price of standard tyres. The robust textile casing reinforced with rigid belts provide tyre stability and damage protection. The tread pattern and lug constructions provides superior traction and allows it to run smoothly on the hard surface. It is largely fitted to high-powered tractors, harvesters and trailers.

Alliance 358

The 358 tyres possess strong and reinforced lugs in the lugs roots area that protects against fatigue cracks. The sturdy diagonal guard also protects against mechanical failure and moisture deterioration. The strong lugs make the 358 tyre models ideal for heavy duty flotation tractors.


Alliance 350

The radial agricultural tyre protects the soil from damage with its round shoulders. These tyres are ideal for essential farming operations such as cultivation, harvesting, and spraying.


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