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BKT Tyres, aka Balkrishna Industries Limited, is an Indian-based company with a global name in the off-highway tire domain. BKT specialises in developing high-quality agricultural tyres, construction, and industrial vehicles. BKT tyres are sold in over 130 countries across the world through its extensive channels of distributors. Available in innovative designs to cater to your unique agricultural requirements, BKT tyres offer value for money.

Featured BKT Tractor Tyres available at Terry Elsey are:


TF – 9090

TF-9090 is designed for 2WD tractors utilised in soil tillage applications. It features a strong nylon carcass and a three rib construction that provides excellent handling and performance.

Agrimax Force

The Agrimax Force model tyres are designed to be fitted to high-powered tractors. With these tyres, you are guaranteed a high-quality performance whether you use them on the road or the field. With its flexibility, it allows you to operate without the need to increase inflation pressure.


Agrimax Fortis

Its ability to carry extremely heavy loads makes AgrimaxFortis an ideal choice for major ultra-modern and powerful tractors. The tread and lug design, backed by robust casing make these tyre models a preferred choice for numerous applications including soil preparation, planting and soil treatment.

Agrimax RT 855

Thanks to its versatile nature, Agrimax RT 855 can be used for the field as well as road applications. Though they were primarily designed for soil tillage, they are also utilised in vineyard harvesting, spraying and road transport. This tyre-model boasts excellent self-cleaning property and delivers great traction on all kind of terrains.


Agrimax RT 657

With low rolling resistance, RT 657 will save you money with improved fuel economy. These tyres offer great driving comfort and are largely used for soil tillage, vineyard harvesting and on-road applications.

Trac Super

The first radial tyre of the municipality segment of tyres under BKT brand, Trac Super tyres are guaranteed to deliver smooth drive supported by superior traction performance. They are mostly used in applications on large lawn surfaces like roadsides and parks.


AS 2001 (R-1)

AS-2001 tyres possess a sturdy casing, making them highly durable and perfect for heavy-duty operations. These bias cross-ply tyres are utilised in haulage and farming operations.

AS 504

AS 504 is an agro-industrial tyre fitted to tractors and other vehicles that are utilised in soil tillage and transport applications. Its effective tread design and outstanding grip enable it to operate seamlessly even on muddy terrains.


Pro Rib F2M

Pro Rib F2M tyres are designed for 2WD tractors used in soil tillage operations. If you need tyres for applications which require precise manoeuvring, then you must opt for Pro Rib F2M tyres. With high flotation capacity, these tyres contribute to reduced soil compaction.

Ridemax IT 696

With a unique tread pattern and high-speed features, Ridemax IT 696 tyres are perfect for transport as well as municipality applications. It also provides excellent surface grip, even during harsh winter conditions. The tread design also offers self-cleaning capacity and low rolling resistance to the tyres.


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