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Trelleborg Tractor Tyres


Trelleborg Wheel Systems is one of the largest suppliers of tyres for tractors, construction vehicles, material-handling machines, and other vehicles in agricultural and forestry applications. Trelleborg tractor tyres are of highest quality and guarantee fine performance on all kinds of terrains enabling the farmers and contractors to run their farming operations seamlessly.

Featured Trelleborg tyres available at Terry Elsey are:


TM1000 High Power

As the name suggests, these tyres are perfect for ultra high powered tractors. It has been designed using innovative Blue Tire Technology which translates into a performance that will enhance your farming productivity exponentially. With low rolling resistance, long service life, and continuous torque transfer, TM1000 is a perfect tyre for your high-powered tractor.

TM900 High Power

TM900 tyres are perfect to fulfil your high load capacity requirement. These tyres are equipped with the ability to transfer the torque of high power tractors to the soil, thereby providing excellent traction on different terrains. With TM900, you are guaranteed quality in terms of comfort, performance, and safety.



The Trelleborg 60 series models are advanced tyres designed for medium and high-powered tractors. Compared to other tractors that fall in the same range, TM1060 tyres are equipped to carry the same load at lower pressure, and a higher load at the same pressure. The dual-angle tread design and the extra wide footprint that these tyres offer ensure maximum traction and farm yield.


TM800 tyres feature an extra-large tread pattern that enables them to carry heavy loads and operate optimally at low pressure. For example, it can run at around 40 miles/hour on the road at a pressure of 1.6 bar. With a wider surfacing boosting the footprint area, you are ensured a tyre that delivers excellent comfort, handling, stability, and most importantly, improved farm productivity.


TM800 High Speed

TM800 High Speed, an extension of TM800, are advanced radial tyres that possess the high-speed technology to take care of the most challenging agricultural applications. A perfect fit for your modern tractor, TM800 tyres deliver quality performance with top levels of safety, grip, handling, and comfort.


These 70 series tyres are versatile in nature and offer numerous benefits such as self-cleaning, comfort, stability and safety. Add to this, a low-slippage adhesion and great traction to the surface which provides high power transmission to the ground with minimal energy loss.


TM700 ProgressiveTraction

Perfect for tractors operating between 100 and 240hp, TM700 ProgressiveTraction tyres provide consistent performance with their innovative lug design. The double-edge lug pattern with a wide base protects against lug vibrations and wear-and-tear and enhances the tyre's self-cleaning capability. It also consists of a flexible sidewall that reduces soil compaction and provides maximum footprint.


TM600 tyres are designed for tubeless fitment and largely fitted to medium power tractors. These tyres boast a lug-design that ensures high traction capability in all kinds of terrains. TM600 also offers low soil compaction and uniform surface penetration which protects the soil from damage.


T414 Twin Tractor

T414 is characterised by deep, effective lugs that run in three different angles delivering fine traction and self-cleaning. There are a few tyres that would utilise the horsepower of your tractors or other pulling vehicles in an efficient way.


TH400 are speciality tractor tyres with a reinforced structure and an innovative tread pattern that provides excellent stability and strength on slopy and toughest terrains while carrying heavy loads. The shape of the shoulder and the lug offers excellent high-traction capability even on damp and muddy grounds.


T421 Twin Implement

T421 Twin Implement has a unique bias-belt design that boosts the surface contact area and provides improved traction. These tyres are ideal for tractors and other agricultural machines used in heavy applications.


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