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Michelin Tractor Tyres

Masterminds of several innovations in the tyre industry, Michelin is considered as one of the world's leading tyre manufacturer currently. They manufacture tyres for your bicycles, cars, sports cars, tractors, and even space shuttles. Michelin has a presence in over 170 countries in all continents across the world.

Since its inception, Michelin has been manufacturing tyres with immense focus on optimising performance, safety, environmental protection, and fuel economy. The agricultural line of Michelin Tyres delivers products and services that are reliable and help you keep your farming operations run hassle-free for a long time.

Michelin tyres, thanks to their superior quality and durability, are preferred OEM choice for the popular car, truck, and agri manufacturers. Terry Elsey Tyres supplies Michelin tractor tyres to its customers across the UK.

Featured Michelin tyres available at Terry Elsey are:

Michelin Bibload Hard Surface

This tyre model is designed to run optimally on hard terrain surface. It features a greater contact patch compared to other agricultural tyres enabling you to experience a steady, smooth and stable ride. Add to this, multi-directional tread design and a reinforced sidewall and you get tyres that deliver excellent handling, less prone to puncture damages, and are highly durable.

Michelin XMCL

XMCL tyre models are typically fitted to material handling devices. These tyres are made of optimised rubber compounds which makes them highly resistant to shocks and punctures, have reduced wear-and-tear, and perform at high levels for a long time. The deep and wide lugs ensure that the tyres deliver excellent traction on dry as well as wet terrain conditions.


Michelin Agribib

Agribib tyres are tractor tyres made from damage-resistant rubber and feature deep tread lugs that make it highly durable and offer a long service life. The unique tread pattern provides excellent traction and self-cleaning capability. These attributes make Agribib an ideal choice for use in standard farming operations.

Michelin Axiobib

Axiobib tyres are known for their load carrying capacity, brimming with Michelin UltraFlex technology. Compared to other standard radial tyres, Axiobib can transport an equivalent load at 33% less pressure. The sidewall flexibility offers sublime support and ensures long service life.


Michelin Xeobib

When it comes to tractor tyres that provide surface protection, there are few tyres better than Michelin Xeobib models. It functions optimally at low pressures, i.e., at pressures below or equal to 14 psi. The flexible nature of the sidewall allows the tyres to absorb shocks and terrain irregularities, enabling you to experience a stable and comfortable ride. A larger contact patch and improved load distribution results in a reduced rut depth.

Michelin Multibib

Multibib tyres will boost the productivity of your farm operations with its high load carrying capacity and speed capability up to 40mph. The wide tread design coupled with sidewall flexibility helps deliver excellent driving control, manoeuvrability, and comfort.


Michelin Omnibib

Michelin Omnibib tyres are commended for their versatile nature. They can withstand extensive stresses of work and load. They boast of carrying 14% more load capacity than other standard radial tyres. The casing provides fine endurance and damage resistance facilitating the tyres to have a longer service life.

Michelin Yieldbib

As the name suggests, Yieldbib, with its ultraflex technology and high-load capacity capability at low pressure, helps reduce soil compaction and increase yields. It boasts of 40% more load capacity compared to other standard tyres at the same pressure. The anti-stubble design protects the tyres from stubble damage, and its special rubber compound ensures long service life.


Michelin MachXbib

Perfect for high-powered tractors that carry heavy loads, MachXbib possesses large lugs that boosts its durability and makes it damage resistant. The 45° lug-design ensures the operator has a smooth and comfortable ride. These tyres have a low rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption. A test carried out at Michelin Test & Research Centre proved that MachXbib provides 4% more fuel savings compared to its competitor.

Michelin Evobib

Evobib tyres are perfect for tractors with a central inflation system. The unique tread pattern allows it run on the field as well as the road at high speeds with great stability. Its adaptive design technology also ensures that it protects the soil from damage and provides maximum yield.


Michelin Agribib 2

The newer Agribib 2.0 model is ideal for tractors with horsepower between 60hp and 170hp. This model features stubble-protection design, self-cleaning capability, increased load index, and 45° lug design that delivers outstanding traction.

Michelin Axiobib 2

The newer Axiobib 2.0 model is fitted to tractors with power ranging between 160hp and 550hp. These 650mm wide tyres have enhanced traction capability, especially for heavy loads. The tread design also provides protection to soil and offers improved yield.



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