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Posted on: 13 Feb, 2024
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Michelin and Kleber

Michelin is offering eligible NFU members cashback on the full range of Michelin Group agricultural tyres, including Ultraflex Technology and Kleber.

Michelin believe that the right tyre changes everything – that’s why they spend €640 million each year on research and development, ensuring that you benefit from the latest in tyre innovation and have access to the right tyre for every application.

Their Ultraflex Technology range was designed by a Michelin developer who worked on tyres for the Space Shuttle, so they’re able to withstand very tough conditions. Their ability to perform well at pressures 40 per cent lower than standard tyres allows them to tread gently on the ground, improving conditions for maximum crop response.

A footprint up to 16% larger than conventional tyres increases traction; reducing wheel slip and saving you fuel. Reinforced sidewalls make the tyres robust and strong, even at lower pressures, offering impressive longevity.

And now, thanks to the discount scheme available to NFU members, you can benefit from an even higher return on investment with Michelin’s cashback incentive.