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Inner Tubes

If you are looking to buy new inner tubes for your agricultural machinery, then you have come to the right place. T. Elsey Tyres provides an extensive range of inner tubes that cover the majority of sizes and applications.

You are recommended to purchase the tube of the same size as your tyres, as mentioned on their sidewall. However, these tubes are flexible and can function within a vast range of tyre sizes, allowing you to consider multiple options.

The inner tubes come in varying valve shape and sizes, dependant on rim configuration and tyre application. Some of the popular inner tube valves preferred in the agricultural sector across the UK are:

Straight Rubber Valves

This highly durable valve is made of rubber and features a straight valve stem. TR13 and TR15 valve models are most common straight rubber valves used in agricultural machinery. While TR13 has a thin stem and is used in small cars and farming vehicles, TR15 has a fatter stem and is used in larger agricultural machinery.

Straight Metal Valves

These valves are made of metal and are highly robust compared to rubber valves. These valves find use in applications where they may be subjected to high pressure and can function adequately without breaking even in hazardous conditions. TR4 and TR6 models are used on quads; whereas TR218 are largely used on tractors.

Air/Water Valves

These valves allow water and air to be pumped through them and are mostly used in agricultural machinery such as tractors. TR218 is also Air/Water valve.

Buy Inner Tubes from Terry Elsey Tyres

At Terry Elsey, you can buy inner tubes of finest quality manufactured by reliable brands. Do not opt for cheap inner tubes to save a couple of pennies, as these tubes fail early and ultimately cost you even more with downtime and new replacements.

Buy inner tubes from reliable brands and tyre shop. Buy from Terry Elsey Tyres!