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Golden Star Casino is a modern pay-per-game casino

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Golden Star Casino, opening in the spring of 2023, is an electric and modern pay-per-game casino offering easy games, quick withdrawals, and a weekly 10% refund. It's a new version of Fortune Legends Casino, opening in 2022, in no way similar to its predecessor. In other words, there are almost no similarities - except for the operator Mobilt Ltd. remains unchanged. We set out with interest to see what the golden star casino experience is offered by the site.

Underneath that bright red and dynamic theme is a high-quality online casino offering popular products from top game manufacturers in several categories. Manufacturers include many leaders such as NetEnt, Play's GO, Quickspin, and Microgaming, as well as live casino champion, Evolution Gaming.

But will the reforms be convincing and will Golden Star Casino be a bolder venture than its predecessor? Now the expert team is going to take a deeper look at this and other questions. You can learn more about the Golden Star Casino experience at the end of the review.

Golden Star Casino's best features:

  • Modern and clear site

  • Fast pay and play

  • 10% non-refundable cashback

  • Maltese license and tax-free profits

Golden Star Casino - first-class bonuses

Golden Star Casino takes a more traditional approach to instant casinos, and casino bonuses have been eliminated. This is certainly not to everyone's liking, but the idea is clear, which means that Golden Star Casino wants to keep the entire gaming experience as simple as possible, with no unnecessary bonus conditions or time-consuming twists and turns. Instead, it offers a permanent 10% cash back that is paid in real money with no recycling requirements.

Golden Star Casino - convenient bonus terms

Golden Star Casino is clearly invested in dynamic play without unnecessary advertising, which is also reflected in the accordion offer. The betting section of the site does not reveal any more specific campaigns. The most exciting offer, by far, is the casino slots league, where you can win up to 150 free spins. When you play the Visitors game with a minimum bet of €0.40, you participate in a Slot League tournament where points are accumulated. After each of the 25 rounds, your points will be added and the winners will be rewarded. As prizes in this slot competition, you can win, for example, 50, 100, or 150 free spins. This is an ongoing campaign that is currently running, so it's worth checking back regularly for possible changes Golden Star Casino offers on the casino's campaign pages.

Golden Star Casino - universal security

Golden Star Casino is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority. It is also licensed in the United Kingdom. Since the gaming license can be found in the European Union, we Australians can enjoy our winnings without having to visit the tax inspectors.

In addition, Golden Star Casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming and using the latest technology to conceal its payment transactions. It also offers very securely and frequently used payment methods, so we players can attract help. In case of problems, you can contact Golden Star Casino's support team. There are also services in English, depending on whether or not they are Australian. More complete information - is here.